Traineeships and Apprenticeships


Traineeships are part of the Australian Apprenticeship Scheme. Under this scheme employees undertake training during their employment tenure Central College Corporate, as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), can conduct the required training in partnership with you and your internal nominated Workplace Mentors, enabling your staff to gain a nationally recognised qualification upon their successful completion.

What do traineeships include:

  • An efficient training plan, delivered by the Registered Training Organisation  (Central College Corporate), through which at the end of your training you will recieve a nationally accredited qualification
  • Paid work and structured on-the-job training
  • A training agreement between your employer and yourself as the trainee that is registered with the Department of Education and Communities

Who can become a trainee:

Anyone who is of working age can apply for a traineeship. It is not a requirement for trainees to have acquired their Higher School Certificate or undertaken/recieved any other qualification therefore traineeships are perfect for school-leavers or people looking to re-enter the workforce in a new career.